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The most frequently asked medical questions online are regarding sexually transmitted diseases. This is no surprise.

The spread of many types of STDs is pandemic, not only in the U.S. but on a global basis. HIV/AIDS, syphilis, herpes, gonorrhea - one in every five people is infected with one type of these STDs. STDs are widespread and prevalent among teenagers but affects adults also.

The second most frequently asked medical questions online are concerning mental health - Depression, Anxiety Symptoms, Bipolar Symptoms, Paranoid Schizophrenia and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

There are hundreds of web sites about STDs and mental health. And there are hundreds of websites about other specific medical subjects.

Certain medical subjects are more frequently asked about than others and certain websites do a better job than others at answering health and medical questions well.

Research can take hours or days... hours to wade through the good and the not-so-good sites available on any given health topic or medical symptom.

You need to know “Who is writing this Medical Information?” Are they qualified to provide answers on information pertinent to bettering my health and answering my important medical questions?

Only Answer My Health Question gives you all the qualified, professional, expert medical information in one place.

Most Frequently Asked ?s

Most Frequent ?s delivers you only the best, most authoritative, qualified, quality sites available on the web about your medical symptom inquiries. No doubt about it.

Peruse the Most Frequent ?s contained on this page. Your questions about symptoms, treatments, prevention, and other aspects of each medical symptom are provided by the foremost authorities on each of the subjects listed.

Questions about STD symptoms, bipolar symptoms, vascular dementia, questions about cholesterol, hiv symptoms, anxiety symptoms are answered, each detailed in a chapter of their own.

Each medical condition is thoroughly researched for you from the websites available on each of them, to save you time and to give you only the best of what is available online. You can use the time you save to treat what needs to be treated or enjoying other pursuits.

Check Most Frequent ?s again for pages devoted to answering more of your specific medical questions.

STD Symptoms

First on the list of Most Frequent ?s is STD Symptoms.

Within the sexually transmitted disease section you will find all the common STDs and complete information and answers to your questions about their symptoms, treatment, prevention, lifestyle management, vaccines, etc.

Bipolar Symptoms

Next, learn all about Bipolar Symptoms. There are hundreds of Bipolar Disorder websites. Only the most thorough, concise, best sites you need to learn about bipolar disorder are listed on this page.

Anxiety Symptoms

You will learn as much as there is possible to know about Anxiety Symptoms on the page devoted to anxiety. Of the dozens of sites about anxiety, assembled here are the best of what's available.

Depression Test - Best Online

To assess whether you are suffering major depression or to what degree and to learn how you can better understand your depression, treatment and care options, see the Mayo Clinic Depression Self Assessment.


See Cholesterol, for ALL your desired reading on this tremendously important and very common issue.

HIV Symptoms

HIV Symptoms, HIV/AIDS is referred to and asked about online separately from std symptoms. You will find answers to all your HIV symptom questions on this dedicated page.


Dementia (Vascular Dementia) is quite different than Alzheimer’s but is a common cause of memory loss in the elderly. See all the essential web sites on Dementia - Description, Cause, Symptoms, Treatment, Care and much much more on these sites contained on this page.

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