Depression Test

A Depression Test online may only give you an assessment of whether you have symptoms of depression. It can not diagnose your symptoms.

Self assessment can help you evaluate your moods and determine the level of your depression from whether it is slight to moderate to more severe. A self assessment test can make suggestions for you to understand your thoughts, explore your treatment options and make suggestions to help you practice self care.

Online depression self assessments I have seen are varied in their ability to be accurate or are not be sponsored by a legitimate or reputable medical entity. I will not suggest a self assessment from any other site than a recognized leading research institution, who are recognized leaders and experts in research and treatment of all major illnesses including mental health and depression: the Mayo Clinic.

The One and Only

See the Mayo Clinic Depression Test (Self Assessment) and read all about clinical depression: Mayo Clinic on Depression, where you will read their Description, Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors, Complications, Tests and Diagnosis, Make an appointment to see a doctor, read about Treatment and Drugs, read the Lifestyle and home remedies page, and Alternative Medicine, Coping and Support and Prevention pages, too.

See also About The Mayo Clinic, to learn about the Mayo Clinic and why this is the best choice for an online depression self assessment.

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