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Healthy Living is a terrific subject for a page, especially because it leaves wide open the possibilities for a lot of exciting information about diets, nutrition, food, exercise - all topics that almost everyone likes at least one of.Healthy Living

For me, the subject I like most is food. Naturally. Probably everyone does. I guess honestly I'd say nutrition is second, because my favorite past time is cooking and I am not only happy making almost anything, I always put nutrition in the forefront of any recipe or meal.Healthy Living

I live on the Mediterranean, in Spain, fortunately for me, concerned as I am with nutrition. Here, the food is fresh and delicious in a distinctly unique way. It is no secret that the Mediterranean Diet is one of, if not the most healthy diet on earth, utilizing lots of fresh veges, fruit and fish in our diet, along with other ingredients. In the section below - Mediterranean Diet - read about unique aspects of the culture and food here on the Mediterranean and menu plan ideas and some great Mediterranean diet recipes.Healthy Living

First Things First - The Grapefruit Diet

A surprising number of people request a particular diet online, that happens to be my favorite diet. It is one I have used since the early 70's to loose a quick 10 pounds when I needed to. It's the Grapefruit diet, and I have always known it as the "U.S. Ski Team Diet". I can swear by it, it has worked for me over the years time and time again. If you have two weeks to diet, try it! You will loose weight. If I told you 10 pounds, that is about what it will take off, but of course it will vary for individuals. Surprising, too, is that it is actually listed online! This was almost shocking for me as I was lamenting having lost the old dog-eared handwritten copy I had been schleping around all these past almost 40 years. I was glad to find it online. Click here The Grapefruit Diet page, from Healthy Living to you.

Best Low Cholesterol Diet Menu Plan and Recipes on the Web

After searching every single possible site on the entire world wide web, I have listed all the very best low cholesterol diet menu plans and recipes - you are sure to use and enjoy.

The diet menu plans are genuine, good, and you will find some super great low cholesterol diet recipes. You'll find them here! Happy Low Cholesterol Dieting and Bon Appetit!

Mediterranean Diet - Food and Culture

Living on the Mediterranean has many benefits. . . an understatement of huge proportion. Among them are a unique, traditional culture, seeing the aqua blue water from the shore to the horizon daily, the quiet towns all painted white nestled along the coast, the easy going lifestyle, and last but not least the food.

The Mediterranean Diet is well known and its virtues well documented. Specialties of the diet itself are the health benefits one gets from eating fresh fruit, vegetables and fish as a routine way of life. The lifestyle enhances the actual food allowing for an experience that prolongs life and attributes to the lowest incidence of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer of any group of people living anywhere.

Share with me the Mediterranean Diet food, lifestyle and some terrific recipes that make living here a joy. It is a place that welcomes visitors, so if reading about it peeks your interest, you can come see what it is all about.

First, a first-hand view of what the Mediterranean Diet is all about.

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