Grapefruit Diet
Who doesn’t love it? It works!


What else can I say about the Grapefruit Diet except – It works! I love this diet and I have gone on it a number of times over the years. It is really simple to follow, there is a good variety of food on the menu and most important - it's a sure way to drop 10 pounds.

Two years ago I wanted to go on the grapefruit diet. I really wanted to slim down from a size. You know how easy it is to gain those pounds- that hang around your waist and won’t allow you to button your jeans easily. I found the diet I was looking for on a site that was a US Ski Team site, and that site no longer exists.

This time around, while researching for the site page I am writing, I found the grapefruit diet plan / menu again, miraculously, on yet a different site. Sites come and go so instead of referring you to a site to get the diet menu plan, I am going to provide it straight away, below, so you can either print it out or refer back here to Answer My Health Question in the future.

I want to give you a few pointers that may make the grapefruit diet a tiny bit simpler to experience and make sure your results are good. While on the diet, I have not deviated or made any changes to the diet plan because it needs to be adhered to very strictly in order to work. If you use condiments, for example or if you eliminate meals in order to hasten weight loss, then it won't work. You really need to bite the bullet, and stick to it for the diet to work for you.

The good news is- that this diet will absolutely work.

There are a few tips that will make the grapefruit diet plan a little easier. I have gone on this diet at least a few times over the years (since the early 70's, believe it or not) and these things work for me:

-Boil an entire dozen eggs and keep them in the fridge so when you need one or two then just peel and eat. No reason to have to hard or soft boil every meal that requires eggs, which is every breakfast and some lunches. FYI - this diet is also known as the egg grapefruit diet.

-Buy cleaned, bagged spinach and keep it in a plastic container for easy use, or if you clean your own then wash and dry a whole bunch and keep it in the fridge for quick and easy use.

-Make sure you buy sweet grapefruits! This is especially important. There are usually at least two grades of grapefruit in the market, the tart ones and the sweet ones. Pink grapefruits are the sweeter of the two. White grapefruits are normally tart. It makes a whole lot of difference if what you are eating tastes good, you don't want to eat tart grapefruits for 2 weeks. Make your diet as easy and delicious as possible.

-Another good idea to simplify your diet is to make juice out of the grapefruits. If you are juicing, make sure you leave plenty of pulp. The pulp is important.

The meal I personally like the most is Thursday night. I steam my cabbage, layer it up with cottage cheese and top it with diced tomatoes. I really like this meal! Plus, for maintenance after you are done with the diet, this is a good meal to have occasionally, if you like it. Its super low calorie and its good.

As I said on the Healthy Living page, I have used this diet since the early ‘70s. I am not a frequent dieter but as diets go, they all require discipline and if you have to diet the grapefruit diet is sure to work for you! It stands the test of time, as there are thousands of people who still request it. There is a reason it is still popular. I for one know it works.

So here it is and I wish you all the success in the world on it! Go to the Contact Us page and let me know how it is working for you and ask me questions if you would like.

Happy dieting!

The Famous Grapefruit Diet

The diet is for two weeks only! Do not exceed!!! Drink plenty of water. Drink your tea clear and coffee black without cream or sugar. Eat only lean meat. The eggs are to be poached or boiled.

Don't believe that you will hasten weight loss by abstaining from eating only that which is prescribed.

Do not eat between meals. No alcoholic beverages. All vegetables are to be prepared and eaten without butter. Do not use condiments or use salt and pepper!

The quantities are not important, you may eat as much as you want except where indicated.


Breakfast: Grapefruit, two eggs, clear tea or coffee

Lunch: Two eggs, tomatoes, clear tea or coffee

Dinner: Two eggs, combination salad (lettuce, celery, tomatoes, cucumber, olives), one piece of dry toast, clear tea or coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Two eggs, grapefruit, tea or coffee

Dinner: Steak, olives, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, clear tea or coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Two eggs, spinach, tea or coffee

Dinner: Two lamb chops, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, clear tea or coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Two eggs, spinach, tea or coffee

Dinner: Two eggs, cottage cheese, cabbage, one piece of dry toast, tea or coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Two eggs, spinach, tea or coffee

Dinner: Steak, celery, cucumber, tomatoes, clear tea or coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Fruit salad (put anything in it and eat as much as you want), clear tea or coffee (meaning no sugar/cream)

Dinner: Steak (lean), celery, cucumber, tomatoes, clear tea/coffee


Breakfast: Same

Lunch: Cold chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit

Dinner: Chicken, tomatoes, grapefruit, carrots, cabbage, clear tea or coffee

Repeat for a second week.

Here is a really neat page, its from the Florida Grapefruit Growers Association. This site will back up some of the virtues of the grapefruit diet. Once you get to know about it better, perhaps you will get to like it even more.

Please give me your Grapefruit Diet results or ask questions on Contact Us. I am really looking forward to hearing back from you and how this diet works for you.

I will keep you updated about the progress of the reply pages.

Once again, happy dieting and to your good health!

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