Emergency Medical Information

emergency medical information
Emergency Medical Information is essential for life saving procedures in any emergency situation.

In the time immediately following a medical emergency, called "the Golden Hour" it is essential for emergency personnel to have your pertinent medical information available - to save your life.

100's of thousands of people die each year due to the lack of critical medical information that must be available to emergency personnel (first responders and doctors).

Having your medical information available will help you in the event of an emergency. Mandatory information includes: your current medical condition or conditions, current medication, allergies, adverse drug reactions, blood group and other relevant information, to be accessed by emergency medical personnel when necessary. In case of emergency, your contact details are required so that medical personnel can contact your next of kin or who ever you indicate.

Be prepared. Don't be left with permanent disabilities or worse because you did not have pertinent medical information available.

How To Save Your Own Life In An Emergency

1. Copy and paste medical emergency information to a Work program. Fill it out.

2. Print it

3. Keep it in your purse or wallet for use in the event of an emergency.

It is that simple.

Keep this information with you always:

Full Name

Date of Birth


Blood Type

Known Medical Conditions

Current Medications

Reactions to drugs

Known allergies

Immunization info (optional)

Bleeding disorders

Contact Information: Name and contact phone number.

See also: My Medical History for an extended version of important medical history information to have available, when and where it is necessary.

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