Black Bean Recipes

Black Bean Recipes

Black Bean Recipes - who would have thought! These extraordinary little gems are as popular as can be! As I have investigated thoroughly the healthy foods requested online - black beans are leading the pack!

People want to know about all sorts of healthy food recipes: whole wheat breads, vegetable meals, salads, using honey in place of sugar, tofu, bean sprouts, Mediterranean Diet recipes, healthy easy recipes, low-cholesterol foods, but nothing comes close to the requests for black bean recipes!

Black Bean Recipes

So here you are! Black Bean Recipe page - black beans at their best!

It so happens I built a page about the black bean recipes that I prepare on a regular basis. These recipes are featured on both the Mediterranean Diet page and on the Mediterranean Diet Recipes page. See both these pages for more delicious healthy recipes! Please!

In the Black Bean Recipes page you will find two suggestions for cooking beans and legumes:

  • by either soaking them and long slow cooking or by

  • using a pressure cooker to get the job done quickly.

    Why They Are So Good For You

    You can learn about the immense wealth of health contained in these lovely black beans, in the Low Cholesterol Diet page, in an Article titled Essential 8 Foods To Eat Everyday.

    In this article black beans are featured along with Spinach, Yogurt, Tomatoes, Carrots, Blueberries, Walnuts and Oats.

    It is a very informative and interesting article. You will learn why each of these foods are important to keep in your diet on either a daily basis or as often as you can- for example:

    Black Beans are Important for Muscle growth, Brain stimulant, Heart healthy; you will learn what nutrients are in them that make them so essential, how to prepare them, substitutes for them and a menu suggestion for how to prepare them.

    Practicle Suggestions for Black Beans

    I make a batch that is about 5 dinners worth, using 2 cups of black beans and after they are cooked, they yield approximately 5 cups. That is a lot of beans. This gets us, just two people, through a week, using them as a side dish or as an ingredient in other foods. Then I make them again.

    Actually I like to alternate keeping on hand either black beans or lentils, both are healthy and similar because they're both legumes. So I have one or the other all the time. You can find the preparation for my Mediterranean Lentil Salad here.

    On the Black Bean Recipes page you will find two recipe options. One, I used to make most often, using a medley of basic stock vegetables and the second option, tex-mex spicied option that I just began making this last summer ('10) and they have become my favorite.

    You have come to the right place for black bean recipes, try these, I promise you will like either of these recipe options.

    Black Beans Are Versatile!

    Make them to use as a side dish that go well with many meats and can be served as part of most dinners. They are healthy so serve them often!

    Or explore the versatility of Black Beans:

  • Use as an ingredient in Wrap-Sandwiches

  • Use in Chili

  • Use in Mexican re-fried beans

  • Use in Soups

  • Use in baby food

    I have to keep thinking about this...and come up with more suggestions for these yummy, healthy beans.

    Talk about Versatility! Try black beans as a delicious alternative to typical ingredients for Brownies!

    Yes!- Brownies! It actually makes perfect sense and a great taste combination. Plus what can be more healthy than Black Bean Brownies?

    A friend sent me the following recipe, try it, you are sure to love it:

      BLACK BEAN BROWNIES from Sue Hartl, Colorado, USA

      1 package brownie mix

      1 15oz. can of black beans

      Puree the black beans, liquid and all. Add this to the brownie mix INSTEAD of any of the ingredients the box says to add.

      Bake as box indicates.

      Says Sue, "I have a friend who has a son who is allergic to eggs, and so he has never tasted a brownie until now. He fell in love with these!"

      Thanks Sue! - Great idea!

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