Calorie Chart

Essential Information You Need For Any Weight Loss Program. . .

. . .a useful Calorie Chart!

The initial stage of weight loss, aside from knowing your weight, is knowing how many calories you eat daily. It’s necessary to have this information available for daily charting. My objective was to find you a good calorie chart for accurate and easy use.

Finding a calorie counter online is not easy because they basically are nonexistent. Not calorie

counters in the traditional sense. Not in chart form where there is a list of food and corresponding calories. I searched long and hard to find a good, real, calorie counting chart.

You do not need to join a program in order to access a database of calorie results. You will not need to join, register, nor receive a newsletter or lots of junk email to use the following calorie counters.

They list real food, not by name brand only.

While researching for a calorie counter I found many websites where it is required to join a program. I registered and entered several sites and programs to see how they work. I attempted to enter actual food I eat, or ate, to get calorie counts to keep track of daily calorie intake.

None of these programs worked for me because of the reasons stated above - they lack simplicity, require joining a program and I do not want several emails from a site company, as a result of wanting to count calories. Of course that’s a personal preference. I think online programs can be logistically, functionally cumbersome. If as a search result you are willing to enter and initiate an involved or paid program that is your prerogative.

My goal here is simply to provide a calorie chart for your reference that you can use at your convenience. There are only a few that I could find, that you can just go to, look up what you ate and make note of it, and be done with the task.

So for the purpose of simple calorie counting you will be happy to see the following:

Here is a real calorie counter chart! It’s extensive and if you are counting calories this is a great chart!. The entire site is very good.

Another one! A calorie counting chart that gives you the number of calories in the food you eat! Simple, uncomplicated, it lists food by actual food, not by brands and has lots of good guidance and information too.

Happy calorie counting!

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