Sauteed Panga

Sauteed Panga - New delicious fresh fish recipes from Mediterranean Diet!

This is an easy dinner to prepare and its very delicious. Once you prepare it I am quite certain it will be one of the staple meals you prepare regularly. You are sure to love it.

Menu Suggestions:

Fresh Sauteed Panga

Baked Potato

Salad or Sliced Tomatoes

Beans, use either pinto beans or white beans

Any fresh filet of white fish, or even salmon, is well suited this tasty dinner.


8 ounce filet of fish for each serving

Salt and pepper

Olive oil for sauté

Directions for Sauteed Panga

Lay 1 or two sheets of paper towels on the counter, lay filets on it and then cover with 1 or 2 more paper towels and let them sit a minute to remove excess moisture from them.

Heat olive oil, about 1/4 cup, in a pan on your stove top on medium high heat. Your heat ought to be just over medium, not any higher.

Once your filets are dried, cover them with salt, pepper and if you like also use garlic powder.

Put your filets spiced side down in the pan. Now cover the side up with salt and pepper.

Saute each side of the filets so that the fish is no longer transparent, rather opaque, or done. This may take 5 to 10 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness of your filet.

Watch them to see they are cooking, not burning, and to see when they are cooked and ready to turn. You can test when your fish are cooked when they flake easily.

Bake your potatoes at 350°F for 1 hour. Test whether your potatoes are done by squeezing them a little with your oven mitt. You can tell they are done when they squeeze easily. If they are still hard after an hour, bake them 10 minutes more at a time until they are done. Russets will typically be done in an hour depending on their size however, sweet potatoes are not done until they leak their juices. They become caramel-like because their juice is sweet and sticky and they are delicious.

A side-dish of either salad or sliced tomatoes goes very nicely with the other suggested side-dish with this meal - beans.

Beans make a perfect side-dish because their flavor is a perfect complement to the potatoes and fresh sauteed white fish.

As a serving suggestion, place the potatoes and sliced tomatoes on a plate, serve beans with the sauteed panga placed over them on your plates. This combines the flavors nicely and is a nice presentation of the dinner.

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